As you can see by the picture Stepping Stones help you cross a river.

You begin your journey by stepping from one stone to another. As you begin to feel more confident you take bigger steps and jump over some of the stones to get to the other side quicker. If you want to take a big step & miss a stone or two that’s fine, as long as you cross the river without getting too wet.

When you begin your English journey we go step by step, correcting those basic mistakes that were never corrected, simple grammar and vocabulary errors.

You quickly begin to feel more confident and more prepared to take bigger steps in your journey through English.

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, what’s important is that you learn by these mistakes and you enjoy learning at your speed.

Each class is personalised just for you, allowing rapid improvement in your pronunciation, vocabulary, listening skills and correct use of grammar.

A lot of the material we use is my own, developed over the years to engage and motivate English learners. Also authentic material such as video clips, articles, podcasts, music & songs, games, interactive workshops and English Series that put you in contact with “Real English” making you more able to understand native speakers while increasing your own fluency.

After each class I´ll give you a detailed summery so you know where you are improving & where you need to do more work. I’ll also give you the option of homework to reinforce what we did in class.

Why not take that “First Step” and book your free 20 minute online trail session without obligation.