“I’ve been studying English for more than twenty years but the two years with Martin have been really useful. Martin has been my first real English teacher, he’s not only enthusiastic but knows the way to make you eager to improve your English by yourself.”


“I really enjoyed the lesson with Martin. I was looking for a professional teacher for the IELTS preparation. And I can say that I found him. During the trial lesson, Martin checked my knowledge asking a lot of questions. He analysed my speech and told me about areas I need to improve. After the lesson, he sent me written feedback with corrections and recommendations how to improve my speaking further.

I appreciate it so much! That’s how professional teachers work. Thanks a lot!

I’m looking forward to our next lesson” 🙂

Sergio Abad

“Despues de estar 20 años estudiando inglĂ©s, tengo que decir que Martin Leggett es el mejor profesor que alguien puede tener. Desde el primer momento que acudĂ­ a sus clases me gustĂł como profesor y tambiĂ©n notĂ© que, a lo largo del curso, mi nivel de inglĂ©s subĂ­a bastante.”

Elena Garcia-Barriocanal

“Martin’s teaching methodology gave us a wonderful way to learn. His classes are really pleasant as he uses a huge amount of learning resource beyond the academic books, e.g. news, series, songs, games, brainstorming and so on. Due to the way he teaches it’s simply impossible to be bored and your language abilities are increased “almost” effortlessly.”


“Thank you Martin for a useful and cheerful lesson! We played the game with Present perfect, learned about the fun Icelanders have and repeated useful words about travel. Really useful lesson! Martin is able to explain so that everything is absolutely clear!”

Carlos González Moreno

“Ha mostrado una gran competencia y seriedad en el proceso de aprendizaje y formaciĂłn de los estudiantes.”


“When he started talking the first day of the course, I realized that Martin was different from the rest of the teachers. And I wasn’t wrong. Not only does he love teaching, but also he worries about the students; he tries to involve them in the class activities in which everyone takes part.

He is a really creative person who wants to find new goals to reach.”

Cristina Reyes MartĂ­n

“Durante el transcurso de sus clases percibĂ­ su gran implicaciĂłn hacia la enseñanza del inglĂ©s y de la cultura inglesa.”


“My experience with Martin as a trainer for the FCE was excellent because of the method that he applied. Keeping your attention with different activities focused on key skills such as reading, listening and writing and above all, we worked very hard on speaking

As an English teacher, I have to say, he has been one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and optimistic teachers that I have ever had.”


“Martin knows how to motivate the students to work harder. He made it easier for me to move from elementary to intermediate level.

Every class is different and you never get bored. I really enjoy learning English with him. I’ve lost the fear to speak and to see films without subtitles.”

Marian GĂłmez

“Las clases eran muy amenas y realmente aprendĂ­amos ingles de verdad y no de libro. Desde el primer dĂ­a ya tenĂ­a ganas de que llegase la siguiente clase. Martin te anima a perder la vergĂĽenza hablando ingles, te hace participar mucho en la clase, en definitiva para mĂ­ es un gran professor.”

Desirée Sánchez

“He always is worried about your progress and encourages you to keep on improving your knowledge as he checks out your homework everyday. His classes are dynamic and I was able to pass the First exam which I prepared with him.

I strongly recommend his classes.”

Ana Isabel Luque

“Es un placer recomendar a quien ha mostrado una gran competencia, seriedad e innovaciĂłn en la enseñanza del InglĂ©s.

Ha favorecido la integraciĂłn y facilitado la continua interacciĂłn entre todos los alumnos del curso gracias a la dinámica de las clases y su incansable energĂ­a.”

MÂŞ del Pilar LĂłpez Garrido

“Martin is a really good teacher! He has empathy with his students and gets close to them. His classes are fun and pleasant and I feel very comfortable and self-confident.

He’s a joyful person and makes everybody participate in class.”


“Desde mi infancia he tenido distintos profesores de inglĂ©s, no solo en clase, sino en el ámbito extraescolar. Este Ăşltimo año he tenido el placer encontrarme con Martin. Ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje totalmente diferente a cualquier otra anterior.

De sus clases me llevo el dinamismo con que nos guiaba en cada una de ellas, las técnicas divertidas con las que reforzábamos ciertos temas, su enfoque basado en la practicidad del idioma, etc. Hacía de las cuatro horas de clase un rato agradable en el que todo el mundo perdía la vergüenza a soltarse y a cometer errores.

No eres consciente de lo que ayuda tener un buen profesor hasta que te encuentras con alguien como Martin.”

Daniela Stefania

“Martin has a lot of knowledge and life experiences to share with his pupils, he is very close to his students and you can notice that he enjoys teaching very much.

He makes everything so interesting and stimulating, that learning English has never been so easy!”


“I really recommend his class, not because he is able to teach English through enjoyable activities following a program, I recommend him because he taught us to be autonomous in our learning English process, and how we can use our interests to learn English.”

Juan Ma

“I have to say I am really grateful for your help and very pleased with the classes. They were fun, instructive and very entertaining. Honestly, I must confess that if it weren’t for you and for the friendly atmosphere in class (my classmates are extraordinary too), I’d have left the classes and I wouldn’t had finished the course.”

Laura GarcĂ­a Carmona

“I’ve had problems with English at school. I have had good teachers since studying English at University, however, no other teacher but Martin has got me to love English as he has done and now I really really love it.

The best point of Martin as a teacher is his love for teaching what is noticed in each class. He is also an open mind person, polite and respectful. His classes are extremely enjoyable, and they isn’t a heavy grammar content.”


“In terms of Martin’s classes, they were really productive and I had a great time during his classes. He met with my requests which I set at the beginning of the course. They dealt with the development of skills I was weak in language production. I was able to complete the course and then, achieve those goals I had set.

Hence, nowadays I am a fluent English speaker and I have broken those barriers that I had when I tried to communicate in English language before.”


“So yes I learnt a lot about English but most about how to be happy at the same time in different aspects of my life thanks to him because he told us all humans are in a hurry about the future (for example wanting to learn English as fast as possible) and the present is always a gift!

He’s a great teacher and a kind person.”

Silvia Barriga

“My name is Silvia Barriga and I was Martin´s student last year. My experience in his class was amazing. I had never gone to English lessons like Martin´s ones before. We spent 4 hours in class on Fridays but they felt like just one hour.

He has such an original way of teaching grammar which you learn without being aware of it.”

Sara RodrĂ­guez

“What I have valued most of Martin’s classes is that he focuses learning on the utility of language knowledge in a practical way, focusing on the student being able to disentangle himself in real and everyday situations

Personally I think Martin is a good English teacher and I would continue to learn and improve my English with him.”